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unnamedHey Guys!!! If you follow us on social media, then you’ve already seen our teasers for our new series, HAPPY WITH SUPERGORGE and your feedback has been amazing!

happy hour with super gorge

Happy Hour With SuperGorge is the latest series to, hosted by Ashley, L’Ore’al, Brandi and Dave. This series gives you what you’ve come to love for, our honesty, humor, inspiration, thought provoking topics, while still entertaining. We’ll discuss what us 20/30 somethings are saying and doing when we gather with our friends for Happy Hour after a long work week to unwind. From entertainment news, to fashion, beauty, relationships and parenting, we cover it all. We all know those convos usually have no filter, especially after 2-3-5 cocktails and things can tend to get a little messy yet humorous. We wanted to give our readers as well as ourselves an outlet, to just be open and honest.

As always, isn’t just about us, it’s about you all, our readers, as well. We’re bringing HAPPY WITH SUPERGORGE to a club or bar near you very soon, so that you too can be apart of the conversation! Until then, send us your questions, comments and any topics that you would like to be discussed during #HAPPYHOURWITHSUPERGORGE to .

And remember, “It’s always happy hour somewhere.”



ashley silva iamsupergorge happy hour with super gorge

Ashley  @AshleyBrittney

Entertainment has always been Ashley’s 1st love. “I can’t remember every wanting to do anything else besides entertain. From making up songs and dances as a child, to taking theatre in school and doing local modeling.” It’s always been a major part of who she is. “I think some people have a natural gift, and I’d like to believe that I’m one of the chosen few.” She often says that she’s done things the “untraditional traditional” way. “I did it all backwards, became a mom, bought a house, became a wife in my very early 20’s, then went back to school and then started a company.” Ashley wants women to know that you can have it all, it is possible, even after kids and marriage. “Your dreams shouldn’t take a backseat to anything, you just have to find a way for them to fit into you life.” Ashley would describe herself as someone who gives graciously, works hard, loves harder and thinks way too hard. “I literally work around the clock in some form. I’m a very passionate person and sometimes, especially for women, passion can come off as being bitchy. I wouldn’t say I’m a bitch, I don’t seek to be malicious to anyone, however I am honest and will speak my mind and truth when needed. I’m such a giver. If you need it and I have it or can help you get it, I will. I take pride in this, especially in today’s era when many people are only out for self. In my late 20’s, I think I finally am discovering who I truly am and not putting so much emphasize on who or what people think that Ashley should be!”


l'ore'al yates iamsupergorge happy hour with super gorge


L’Ore’al @LorealDanee

Who is L’Ore’al?…I always find that to be an intriguing question. We know what kind of person we want to be, we know the things our family/friends “seem” to think of us, but when it’s time to analyze your character, it’s like mmmm? Lol. Well, I can start by saying, I’m extraordinarily passionate, which is a gift and a curse. If I really love something/someone, I LOVE it, I’m like a passion junkie of sorts and a bit of a fire cracker. Lol. I’m also a very honest person. We all obviously have the things that are super personal and close to us, but with me, about 98% of the time, if I’m thinking it, I’ll say it. I think it’s important to be truest to yourself and a lot of the time we find ourselves keeping things inside to protect other people’s feelings and more importantly, their perception of us, which in my opinion, is very dangerous territory. I find that your life is to be lived by YOU and the other people around you are key components, but they’re pieces to your puzzle, just like you’re pieces to theirs…you know what I mean? 😉 Anywhoo, I’m also very spiritual, articulate, educated and tactful which makes it a little easier for me to be so expressive. I’m a giving person and I believe in treating people kind not only because karma is very real, but also because it’s just the right thing to do. I’m the ultimate girl’s girl because I believe women empower one another and without my very close girlfriends, sometimes I don’t know what I’d do. In fact, I tend to have a difficult time trusting women who say they don’t have female friends. That’s a little weird to me…I’m obsessed with beauty products, clothes, bags, and shoes, all things girly and entertainment news. From an early age I was waaaay into actors and actresses, what they were wearing, how their careers got started, whom they’re dating and so on and so forth…so I guess the sum of it all…

L’Ore’al delivers from the SuperGorge Single Girl’s prospective, she’s everything a well, raised, “good girl” should be, the epitome of beauty and brains and looks VERY forward to sharing her unadulterated opinions and getting to know you guys through the upcoming series #HappyHourWithSuperGorge.


Brandi @Carriebmore

Brandi AKA Carrie is the “Paula” of the group. Nice and sweet with an unpredictable side of crazy. She never wants to say a bad word about anybody, unless you get on her bad side! She’s a typical cancer…moody,  sometimes silent but snappy when necessary and often without warning! She’s a lover of sparkle, sequins, nail polish and all things leopard! As much as she loves pumps and tee shirts, she’s also the “tomboy,” opting to wear sneakers over heels any day!  Brandi listens to gospel first thing in the morning and then Nas to continue the day…Lol. What a perfect contradiction! She’s a party girl trapped in a professional’s body! She tries to express her thoughts about being stuck between worlds in the Grey Area. She’s also a member of the “Beygency” 🙂


Dave @FamousDave87

Who is Famous Dave? I’m a go getter. Very personable and fun. Always giving good advice but I’m also a good listener. Very talkative in the sense that if you’re shy, I’ll help you out of your shell. I’m the friend who speaks their mind no matter what. Ladies gravitate to me, if you see me around, a pretty girl is not too far behind. I’m very open to trying different jobs. I always said no matter what career I end up with, it’ll have to be something using my voice. I’m very big on being heard. I’ve hosted local parties, radio shows and internet talk show segments. I gained my nickname from being popular in my hometown. One day I was hanging with a friend the majority of the day; and I seemed to know someone wherever we went; so they said “I’m calling you Famous Dave from now on.” My aspirations are to be successful and take care of my family like they’ve taken care of me. If there’s one thing I want people to know about me it’s that if I want it, I’m persistent. If a door is shut in my face, don’t worry; I’m going through the window!




ashley silva interviews russel simmons iamsupergorge loreal yates

I was completely honored to have had the opportunity to sit down with the God Father of Hip Hop, Russell Simmons recently. We discussed today’s state of hip hop, Kobe Bryant’s recent remarks about not defending Trayvon Martin just because he’s black, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover and his new best seller, SUCCESS THROUGH STILLNESS. Take a look at our exclusive interview with Russell Simmons and stay tuned for his feature on our up coming segment, HE SAID WHAT?


In a few weeks, will feature a new segment, HE SAID WHAT?. Where we ask men all the questions that the ladies want to know!!! Before we premiere that, I thought it would be fun to interview my husband,DJ Quicksilva for the 1st time. Over the years I’ve learned so much from him about life and business and truly know I married my soulmate (awwwww). Take a look at what Quick had to say about everything from the type of music he plays as a DJ, what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a DJ, doing reality TV, men being faithful and groupies. We both also revealed our biggest pet peeves about one another.