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LYATESBDAY1On Monday, April 20, 2015….I TURNED 30 YEARS OLD!!!! And let me tell you, It’s not so bad afterall. Lol. Leading up to my actual birthday I’d lined up a pretty exciting week, having brunches, girl’s night-ins, shopping dates and a few club outings. I initially thought I wanted to be bringing in my 30th birthday on an island (which still would’ve been amazing), but as I watched the calendar days go by, and I never planned anything…I thought to myself, “YOU HAVE TO MAKE PLANS!” I really waited until the last minute and everytime a friend would ask what I wanted to do, I literally had nothing to say. I think we put overwhelming pressure on ourselves for birthdays, especially “the milestone ones.” As I was searching for restaurants, one of my good girlfriends texted me saying, “Yo!!! *insert old lady emoji* the countdown is official! It’s less than a week before your 30th! Are you feeling crazy?” I easily answered her question saying, “No I feel REALLY blessed.” And it was true. It wasn’t “fluff,” or what I thought I was supposed to say, but just how I felt. I’ve received some incredible news career wise (which I’ll share with you guys later), I’m in love, have really good people in my life, I’m healthy, happy and ALIVE! I could complain about a few nuisances, but for what??? Not today. The 19th was another story. Lolol.

Being 100% honest, I had a meltdown as I was getting dressed for dinner and not because I would be 30 in 6 short hours. Lol…but because I’d washed my makeup brushes the night before, (which I hate doing by the way), and that made my eye brow brush too soft DOUBLE GRRRRRRR!!! PISSED! My brows are my pride and joy and not being able to get my defined lines BLEW ME! It took me like 40+ minutes to finish my brows alone and the dress I’d ordered as my birthday dress totally failed me. First the zipper got stuck, then my boob tape practically laughed at me, by deciding it was NOT going to work. So now, it’s 7:40pm. I’m still at home, standing in the mirror. NAKED! My dinner started at 7:00pm! My friends are calling and texting and I literally have NO clothes on and no idea what to change into. I sat down on my bed, counted down from 10, reflected on those blessings I just talked about and thought about my great friends who were probably starving waiting on me at the restaurant. I calmly walked into my closet and just started pulling (throwing) out options. I had a Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection dress from well over 5 years ago that still had the tags on it. I wore it as a skirt and threw on a long sleeve crop top while my good gal pals Shvone and Breezy, pulled shoe and accessory options. We landed on an Aldo necklace, cork clutch from some place I can’t remember, a pair of gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels and as many rings as I could pick up with one hand. Lol. I mixed whatever rings I grabbed from BCBG to Forever 21. Basically whatever worked. I was annoyed; let’s be clear. But if your biggest problem in life is hating your outfit, you may want to suck it up and consider that a WIN. So I pulled it together (attitude and outfit), and we went on to my birthday dinner where we had a private room at Linwood’s Restaurant in Owings Mills. We ate, drank, danced, laughed, took pictures and then my lovely “selfie birthday cake” came out and I almost cried (Thanks Ash). LOL! It was filled with edible pictures of my close friends/family and best selfies. Ha! #Perfection! We wrapped up and headed to downtown Baltimore to Red Maple where we had a table and our favorite Ciroc coming out to keep the party going. At 11:59, I stopped, took a few seconds and thanked God for all of His blessings and asked for forgiveness for my previous temper tantrum over an outfit (yes I prayed in the club Saints, *calm down*). Then stood on the table as we counted in my 30th birthday! My friends were a blast, as always! I love you guys and I thank you all! I didn’t get pictures with everyone, which was BOOOOO, but I’ll remember you were there. So check out some of the pics from my 30th BIRTHDAY BASH!

The morning after:selfieThe party ended at 2am, and I briefly considered hitting an afterparty, but I took my 30 year old butt home! LOL. The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed, headed out for a facial and brunch. Once I ate, I was sleepy again so I napped, woke up, went to dinner and ended up at a friend’s house for cocktails as April 20th turned into April 21st….My birthday was officially over. But I’m going to go on and take the liberty of celebrating the rest of the week! LOL

flowersfortheladyI woke up to so many missed calls, voicemails, text messages, social media posts/messages and IG birthday cards (collages). It’s always nice to feel loved. So thank you all!!! You’re appreciated! I posted this message on Instagram:

“good morning 30!!! I embrace you with a grateful and humbled heart. I feel so blessed and privileged to see my third decade on this earth. Not only am I here to see it, but it’s going pretty fabulously if I do say so myself! God has been good to me and words won’t do the journey any justice! Thank you to all of my friends and family for making a girl feel so loved. Thank you all for adding the lovely chapters to my book that have made me who I am. #2995plustax #420 #birthdaybehavior”

I pray that you all embrace your birthdays and can take the time to appreciate all the good things in your life. It’s an opportunity to see another year, receiving another chance to change all the things you want to be different. The only thing we have is NOW. Thank you all again for making me feel so special and so loved, not just on my birthday but even in coming here to read my posts every week. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!

Until next week…