Halloween is coming!!! I absolutely love love love HALLOWEEN. With my birthday being so close to my second favorite holiday (Christmas is my 1st), I often had Halloween/costume themed parties for my bday and I’ve kept the tradition going into adulthood. I love planning out my costumes, my kids, my husbands and talking with my friends about what they are going to be. I think that people who don’t enjoy Halloween are weird, lol. It’s a chance to relive your childhood and be a character. You’re never too old or too cool to dress up for Halloween. This year my husband and I are having a joint party at THE PARK AT 14TH in Washington, DC, sponsored by CIROC (Quick’s actual bday is November 4th).

I would love to have some of my readers at the party to celebrate. I am giving away 3 pair of passes to the part. Here is how I will select the winners.



1. Post a Halloween/costume picture of you on IG. It can be past or present. The one I find most interesting will win a pair of passes. Be sure to @IAMSUPERGORGE and use the hashtag #QUICKASHHALLOWEEN 


2. Email us at telling us who your favorite scary movie monster is (i.e.. Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, Chucky,etc) and I will pick one winner from those emails!!


3. Email us at telling us why Halloween is your favorite Holiday. I will pick one winner from these emails and give them a pair of passes!






ashley silva surprise 29 bday party 2014 i knew

As many of you know, my 29th birthday was this past Thursday. Hello SCORPIO SEASON!!! Thank you so much to all of my family, friends, followers and readers, who wished me a happy birthday. I truly appreciate it. Usually in the weeks creeping up to my birthday, I get really bad anxiety, but this year it didn’t happen. This year I was surprisingly very calm all October, but my year of 28 was the exact opposite. I usually dread my age changing, but I am so happy to see 28 go. It was the most draining and depressing year of my life personally, from losing friendships, to career set backs,health issues and so much more. Adios 28, I am not sad to see you go, I welcome 29, the last year of my 20’s, with open arms!!

A few months ago I started planning a bday trip for my husband and I. I am desperately in need of a few kid free days, with sun, sand and lots of drinks. Just as I was finalizing everything for the trip, our sitter fell through and we didn’t have anyone to watch the kids, so we couldn’t go. I was so mad, just another thing to add to my “I HATE 28” list. After another week or so, though still very upset, I started thinking of other ways to celebrate my bday. I was telling my husband one day that a boat party would be fun, but he had 280,290,732 reasons why I shouldn’t throw one. Again I was blown. So I planned the usual, a dinner and club night for the weekend of my bday, but for my actual birthday I had no plans in stone.

My birthday started off the same as every other day, 7am with the kids. After I got them off to school and on the bus I came back home expecting my birthday gift to be waiting. Usually my husband has flowers, a card and my present waiting on the dining room table for me; this year nothing!!!! I was disappointed, but he was still asleep from working at the club the night before, so I went back to sleep and figured he’d give it to me when he got up. A few hours later we were up and still nothing. I made breakfast and then he went down to his studio to record mixes. I started watching THE WALKING DEAD on Netflix and after about 2 episodes I was pissed. It was my birthday, the one day I ask for it to be about me and I was watching Rick bite out someone throat (lol). Needless to say, I grew more angry, I would have planned something for myself had I known I was going to be on the couch for my birthday. My husband then told me we were going to eat at some restaurant that I never heard of later.

When it was time to get dressed I was still upset, but figured I’d get over it. My husband then told me that my gift was waiting for me at the restaurant. Around 730, our driver arrived at our house and we were off to dinner. As we got closer to downtown DC, my husband all of a sudden needed to make a detour at PARK, one of the clubs he works at so we could get appetizers. At that moment I was like, hmmmm something’s up. Why wouldn’t we just get apps at the restaurant where we are having dinner? Once at PARK he was pressing for time, so I knew we had to be somewhere at a certain time. He literally was like “we have 12 mins to get out of here.” After we left PARK, we got back in the car and headed to Georgetown, DC. Once in Georgetown, my husband placed a blindfold over my eyes and I had a very strong feeling about where we were. He then helped me out of the car, and helped me walk to our destination.Walking in Christian Louboutin’s So Kate, with a blinfold on is no fun, lol. After what seemed like forever, I heard, SURPRISE and all of my closest family and friends were waiting in front of and on a boat!!!

When I tell you all (even though towards the very end I had an inkling) I was so surprised. I am usually the planner and I’ve been not so secretly wanting a surprise party for years. The fact that my husband and friends pulled it off so well and no one dropped any hints before, was amazing. Of course I cried, I’m an extremely emotional person anyway, but I was so full of happiness,I honestly hadn’t been that happy in a while.

Once on the boat, after I was able to greet everyone, the fun began as the boat sailed off. (Sorry you missed it and saw it sail off Dejuan, LOL) To start the night off my husband made a speech about our relationship, from the time we met until now and then of course I had to do a speech too. After that it was time to eat, drink all the CIROC your liver could handle and dance. When I tell you we partied on that boat, we partied. From ratchet music to one of my favs New Edition/Bobby Brown (routines included), everyone was up on their feet, dancing and singing word for word, we even threw in some Baltimore club music. I had the best night ever. That boat was filled with nothing but fun and love. It was the best birthday I’ve ever had. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a party or gift!

Thank you so much to my husband Quick for making it all possible and listening to me when I told you what I wanted. Thank you to L’Ore’al for helping Quick out with the planning process. Thank you to all my friends and family for keeping it a secret and being there to enjoy the night. I love and appreciate you all more than you’ll ever know!!!!! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!

Take a look at some pics & video from my surprise party!!







As I’ve previously told you guys, my 29th birthday was Easter Sunday, April 20th. And as many of you also know, this was my very first birthday without my Mother, which has been incredibly difficult. I did a lot of praying, looked at some of my childhood pictures and had a nice little cry. I wrote her an open letter which helped as well (I’ll share it at the bottom of the post). Birthdays are celebratory. And each one is a blessing so I knew I couldn’t let it be filled with sadness. So I partied until my socks fell off! Lol. I did a pre-party with a few of my friends on Wednesday, April 16th at Select Lounge’s Humpday Happy Hour in Downtown Baltimore which was an absolute BLAST and only a brief indication of the trouble I was going to get into over the weekend. LOL. As always, Alex and Danny took excellent care of us.

On Friday, I did some good ol’ fashion pampering. I went to the nail, hair (Dream Hair Lounge w/ my one of my besties/dreamweaver Maurice Fains) and tanning salons, and of course I had my monthly waxing and threading done. I even did a makeup refresher course with my friend and makeup artist Farzana. I don’t typically like having my makeup done by other people, but if I do, it’d only be by her or my BFF and Line Sister Danielle. But what I typically do is just take classes with them and ask all the questions I need to know and I PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


Saturday (April 19th) was THE DAY! I had a birthday dinner in one of Ruth’s Chris’ (on Water St.) private rooms with about 20 of my friends. We had a prefixed, personalized menu and ate great food, drank cutesy cocktails and followed them with yummy desserts. After taking 1,000 pictures (Lol) we went directly upstairs to the Havana Club where I had a table waiting for us. Of course I have to thank Dave, Diwee and one of my incredible Sorors, Nykidra. They do this annual event at Havana called Masterclass and I thought it’d be the perfect fit for my birthday. We like to party with class, but the “turn up” is ALWAYS real for us…no matter where we go. It was such a perfect transition from dinner because we literally got right on the elevator and into the party. When I tell you…WE TURNED IT OUT! Cake pops, Ciroc, Moet (Thanks Jameel #BlameJameel), and lots of dancing! After we left Havana we went over to Mint Lounge and smoked hookah until 4am. I went home and slept for a few hours only to do it all over again the very next day.

Easter Sunday was my actual birthday and I had EVERY intention of going to church. I even set my alarm and had my dress hanging up in the front of my closet and ready to go. Clearly my body was NOT HERE FOR IT, so unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I did get the sermon on CD just to catch up and I will be in the Lord’s house this coming Sunday. No excuses…So after I finally did get up, I got dressed and we headed over to the Red Maple SUNDay Party and had a repeat of Saturday. PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! Ciroc, hookah, dancing and more Ciroc. Thank you DeJuan for dealing with my crazy demands and indecisiveness. Lol. You’re the best! So after going to three parties, you would think I’d be done right? WRONG!

On Monday morning, I woke up at the Royal Sonesta hotel where I snuck in my little Yorkie, King because I know he was SICK and TIRED of me being out all week. We went to lunch, I laid down for about 45 minutes and got up to do it one last time! I let Zik and Inkwell convince me to come to their Industry Monday party (also at Red Maple). I was a little hesitant because 29 IS NOT 21. I could feel the partying in my bones. I was TIRED! But, when my text messages started blowing up and the girls were saying “Come on! It’s the last party!” “Lo, it’s your bday finale! Let’s do it!” “I’m coming in town. Turn Up!” I said…alright. I threw on some little denim shorts a see through sweater, some Louboutin booties and said “LET’S DO IT!” We stood on couches, ordered bottles, smoked hookah, took pictures and danced until we couldn’t anymore.

Every girl wants to feel like a princess everyday of the year, but so often life and our responsibilities take precedent. So, on that one day (or for the whole week, like me, LOL) you should take the time to do WHATEVER it is you like. People say we party too much, spend “too much” money on clothes and shoes, but frankly, that’s our right. No one wants to explain their choices. As long as your responsibilities are taken care of and you aren’t hurting anyone, I say you keep doing it! We get one life and I’ve been blessed enough to live mine exactly the way I want and God has given me an excellent family and incredible friends to share it with. My friends went above and beyond in making this weekend absolutely perfect. I don’t know what I’d do without them. So I thank you all Christopher, Danielle, Shvone, Breezy, Octavia, Kristal, Ashley, Reese, Billy, Layton, Ivory, Donald, Shelby, Kelley, Ricky, April, Lindsay, Ashlee, Sheena, Keisha, Kendria, Erica, Farzana, Harriet, Jerry, Chamere, Shawn, Debbie, Bianca, Darrell and Cherise. For all of you who attended the events, sent texts, social networking messages and left voicemails, I am so appreciative. Honestly, the weekend could not have gone any better. The last year of my 20’s has started with a bang!

Here’s the open letter I wrote to my Mom:



Dear Mommy,
Twenty-nine years ago, at this very moment, you were in labor, preparing to give birth to me. As I gather myself to celebrate tonight into tomorrow, I’d be remiss in not having a moment of gratitude to you for not only delivering me, but for the amazing job you did raising me. You poured so much of yourself into making sure I had the best of everything, and the most important of them all, being self love and respect. I’m immensely grateful to you for this life and the preparation you gave me to live it. Tomorrow being my first birthday without you, there are incredible lows and noticeably missing laughter throughout my day, but I know that without you, there’d be no me and our memories are endless. I miss you more than words can express. I love you. And most importantly, thank you. I absolutely thank you.




ashley loreal ootd white

This past Friday, L’Ore’al and I attended a birthday party for our friend DeJuan’s annual Black & White Ball at the Havana Club in Baltimore. We both decided to go “All white everything” for the party! Take a look at our outfits and tell us what you think & see more pics of us and our friends from that night!!!



Sugar Popped  Sugar Bodycon Dress

tom ford

Tom Ford Ankle-Lock Pump





white drape

Celebboutique “Amara” Drape Jersey Dress

christian-louboutin-black-so-kate-kid-leather-pumps-product-1-13078588-908777270Christian Louboutin “So Kate”



Yessss!! Bringing in The New Year with lots of laughs, smiles, pretty girls, guys, friends, drinks, and SUPERGORGE SNAPSHOTS! Jay and Bey (as usual) on their boss sh*t, ride to Diddy’s hosted New Year’s Eve party at the world-famous Versace House in Miami last night (December 31), with a host of other celebs (Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Adrienne Bailon, Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls and Spike Lee). Keyshia Cole also made an appearance at Diddy’s party, and of course Kelly & Michelle were there too. In the meantime,  Beyonce and her video models all were spotting dancing and singing to “Yonce” while other celebs flicked it up for the cameras.







For the Great Gatsby star, Leonardo Dicaprio’s 39th Birthday in New York City, the A-List actor had Yeezus and The Hair Weave Killer (Kanye and 2 Chainz) perform. The party was at the popular TAO restaurant and club. How dope is that? Not shocking at all. Even though Leo may seem a little stiff and closed, the former playboy loves to party. And party he did. Check out the video by TMZ, that captured some of the fun.




Courtesy of TMZ


tlc party iamsupergorge 8

Last night, to kick off my birthday week, I had the girls over to watch CRAZYSEXYCOOL, VH1’s TLC’s biopic. We were all so excited for the movie!! I became a TLC fan very young. Back in 1993 my sister, Tanesha aka Pooh (Lol) and her BFF, Aiesha performed for their school as TLC and I remember watching them rehearse everyday, so I knew all the dance moves and still do! They were both over last night, so it brought back great memories!

For the viewing I, of course had to dress in character, lol!! Dave and I searched all day for some overalls and I paired them with a sports bra, boxer briefs, a bandana and condoms!!!! During commercial breaks I quizzed everyone with TLC trivia and even “performed” for them. Lol! So much fun!!

My nieces 18 & 12 weren’t really familiar with TLC but by the end of the movie they were both Googling them and my 12-year-old niece wanted to learn dance moves!!

The movie did exactly what I hoped it would, and that is introduce TLC to an all new generation of fans!!!



girl or boy iamsupergorge

Gender Reveal Parties aka Gender Jams, are quickly becoming one of my favorite things!! If you know me, then you know I make everything a reason to celebrate and party and finding out the sex of your baby is no different!! Of course there’s the traditional Baby Shower, but that comes at the end of pregnancy so everyone can shower the new Prince or Princess, but what about celebrating that it is a Prince or Princess??

I first found out about Gender Reveal Parties when one of my girlfriends did hers about 4 years ago. She or her husband weren’t told the sex of the baby, it was put in a sealed folder and given to a baker. They had all of their close friends and family gather for the cutting of the cake, and the inside would be blue or pink to reveal the baby’s gender. How cute!!!!!

For the reveal of my second pregnancy last year, everyone was really hoping that I was having a girl. Unlike my girlfriend, I couldn’t wait to find out the sex of my baby with everyone else. Not that I’m a party pooper, but if it was a boy, I didn’t want my facial expression to show my disappointment.

Lucky for me, I was expecting a Princess!! I invited all of my girlfriends over to find out the sex and wrapped up a bib in neutral baby wrapping paper and they had to play musical bib. Whoever was the last one holding the bib got to open it and reveal the sex. It was a girl and the pink bib read MY MOM IS HOTTER THAN YOUR MOM!

Recently I found out that my Godsister, Sahara was expecting a baby!!! I automatically wanted it to be a girl!! She and I are a year and a half apart and had the best time with one another growing up!

I told her my idea of having a gender party once she found out the sex, but she wouldn’t let me surprise her too (boooooo).

So for her the reveal we decided to do 2 things. We gave everyone a cupcake (Kendria’s Kupkakes), all the cupcakes where plain in the inside except for 1. One would either be blue or pink in the inside. Another part of the reveal would be stuffing a box with pink or blue balloons as apart of the reveal! Her sister also got a cake made that said GIRL? OR BOY?

In my Godsister’s case, she’s having GIRL!!! I couldn’t be more excited!!!!

I love all of these ideas!!! It’s another fun way to get everyone excited for the new addition to the family!! If you’re pregnant or know someone who is, you should try this out!!


Vibe Magazine hosted and celebrated their 20th anniversary with friends and long time supporters during the MTV Video Music Awards weekend. Maybe that explains why no one was really there. No shade thrown though. At the re-opening of the Bungalow 8 in New York City, Vibe was accompanied by Po Johnson, Swizz Beatz, Sean Garrett, Busta Rhymes, DJ Cassidy, and more to celebrate their 20 years of non stop success of the iconic media brand. A party isn’t a party if it’s no dope DJ’s in the building. DJ D-Nice, DJ Scratch, & DJ Quest-love kept the music flowing all night while the super gorgeous celebs and guests kept the bottles popping, and their feet two stepping. Gotta love a New York City party.








DJ D-Nice, DJ Irie, and DJ Scratch
DJ D-Nice, DJ Irie, and DJ Scratch relaunch


Thank you all so much for participating in our contest to win a SUPERGORGE Makeover from our personal SuperGlam Squad (hair,makeup and dress) and to attend or Private SuperGorge Relaunch party on August 11th!!

2 winners were selected to attend the #IAMSUPERGORGERELAUNCH event along with a friend and one was chosen to win  the #SUPERPRIZE,a full make over and to walk the Purple Carpet and be interviewed by at the IAMSUPERGORGE.COM relaunch event!! Was it you?? (more…)


Why of course Rihanna is shining bright like a diamond!

Currently on her Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna is also doing some multi-tasking and releaseing her MAC retro matte lipstick; “riri-woo” is one of them. The lipstick that sold out in 3 hours is def something to celebrate about (and I’m celebrating that I got mine too).

But soon after rihanna cut her cake it was time for a new party with an old thang



Houston is the place to be this weekend! Celebs flew from all over the country to mingle, party, and of course post pictures to Instagram. Included in all of the festivities was Michael Jordan‘s 50th birthday bash.

The place was packed with some of our favorite celebrities. Take a look at some of the who’s who that dropped by to wish MJ a Happy Birthday! (more…)


Being a reality star has become somewhat of a sorority. We often see chicks from this show becoming besties with another chick from that show. Last night reality stars Draya from Basketball Wives LA , Kimbella and Somaya, who were on Love & Hip Hop partied at Cameo in LA.

What do you think of the ladies looks??

Kimbella has definitely “snapped back” since giving birth to her daughter back in July , Draya was casual but her normal cute self and Somaya has kept up with her makeup over the past few months. (more…)